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I am Manav Bhatia and have been working in L3 and Routing (BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, RIP and MPLS) since 2000 now. I designed and implemented BGP and BGP/MPLS VPN control plane from scratch for one of my earlier employers for our distributed router architecture. I have authored several IETF RFC standards — 5310, 5709, 5840, 6039, 6094, 6506, 6518 , 6564, 6862, 7130, 7166, 7349, 7474, 7492, 7880, 7882, 7884, 8271 — and Internet drafts on BGP, IS-IS, OSPFv2, OSPFv3, IPv6, IPsec, 1588 (PTP), BFD, PIM, MPLS, NTP and Routing Protocols Security. I am the co-inventor of Wrapped ESP protocol, micro BFD sessions, Authentication Trailer used in OSPFv3, and some other cool stuff thats running in the Internet. I am a part of the advisory group of routing experts (Routing Directorate) selected by the IETF Routing Area Directors to assist them in reviewing standards produced in the IETF.

I was a Distinguished Engineer in Alcatel-Lucent (SRPG, IP Division), responsible for architecting and designing the next generation of 7210 SAS series of Carrier Ethernet devices. Prior to that I was working on designing and implementing L3 forwarding, IGMP Snooping,  Layer 3 VPNs,  CPU Path, and MPLS data plane for the 7210 SAS routers.

Then I moved to a stealth-mode venture-backed cloud-based startup Ionos Networks where we were trying to revolutionize the media industry with our game-changing software-defined networking platform. We were using sophisticated streaming analytics and a massively distributed software-defined networking stack to push high-volume content to relevant users across geo-distributed sites.

Spent two years in the startup, and then went back to Alcatel-Lucent, errr, Nokia, to start a team from scratch for building a WAN SDN product for the service provider and web scale networks. More specifically, we we’re building a Hierarchical SDN Controller for IP-IP and a Multi-Layer SDN Controller for IP/Optical networks.

I was then asked to start Nuage Networks in Bangalore. We grew the site from 0 to 100 in about 2 years and by the end of it we were completely driving the Telco Cloud charter and doing major work on SD-WAN for Nuage.

These days I am at Google tackling never-before-seen (or solved) problems; working on seemingly impossible things that break the frontiers of knowledge and surges the technology light years ahead. Something that Google has also been doing since many years now

I was selected as one of the top 18 Indian Young Innovators under the age of 35 (TR35) by Massachusetts Institute of Technology‘s (MIT) publication, Technology Review India for the year 2011 for the work that I did in Alcatel-lucent and Internet Routing Protocols Security.




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19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Definitely! This is a brilliant resource for all the routing freaks out there.

    Thanks for sharing the love 😉


  2. Hello Sir

    Myself, Manoj Kumar sharma working in CDOT, New Delhi, India.

    In your document – bgp-path-hunting – you stated

    “It has been shown through various studies that BGP convergence can be roughly given by the following formula:
    Convergence = (Maximum AS_PATH – Minimum AS_PATH) x MRAI “.

    I want the mathematical formula for BGP convergence in relation to no_of_routes and no_of_peers. I am unable derive a formula for this. I need your help for this.



  3. Hi Manav,
    Just came across this website while looking for OSPF implementation of OSPF – there are some very interesting posts here (some even address issues i have come across in the past such as BFD over LAG interfaces, and the unexplained preference made by ISP for ISIS over OSPF
    Will keep reading some more – I already have a few questions in mind

    Keep up the great posts 🙂



  4. Hi Manav, I am really interested in what you have been writing. Would there be anyway that I could set up a consultation with you on networking?


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